Welcome AQG Connect Human Resource Consultancies

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Who we are?

Abdul Qadeer Gawai would be the company’s owner in 2022, which explains why the name AQG CONNECT HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANCIES EST was chosen. This is a Sole Proprietorship in its whole form. Located in the Exit 1 Metro Station Al Rigga Dubai U.A.E., M Floor Office No. M02 API Building, behind The Boil Seafood Restaurant, close to ADCB Bank, and close to a Parking lot.

Generally speaking, we were “rag and zero balance” when we first started. Starting a business was challenging, especially when you were are at lowest point. You feel very little and have tried your best to borrow from family, friends, other relatives but it just to happened that they don’t have too. You also swallowed your “pride” in order to borrow money from other business colleagues, but they failed to understand your circumstances; instead of offering us the assistance, some people degrade, judge, and humiliate us. We have tried also cheated by “Fraud Public Servant” in the UAE.

But in spite of all those trials and circumstances we “never give up” as Confucius said “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” with this quote we were able to realized that there is always a “hope” no matter how bad your situation was. Being emotionally affected is normal, especially when you were are at lowest point. However we were able to developed an attitude of perseverance, courage, and be more strong. We learned to how to deal properly and professionally in UAE System, we learned how to be more patient, we learned how to look at the bright side of the business and helps us to grow more mentally, emotionally and spiritually. There is a saying goes “quitter’s never win”.

Why AQG Connect?

We at AQG CONNECT like to “put your shoes on our shoes,” which means that we don’t make any discrimination based on your status as a blue-collar worker or a white-collar employee, or even your race, ethnicity, nationality, level of intelligence, level of education, or level of talent. We respected both employees and employers with honesty and integrity because we believed we had been created equally. Our product line speaks for itself.

Our Mission

In order to achieve our goals in a unique way, with passion and realistic methods, AQG CONNECT wants to engrave its “authentic signature” on everything it does. This means that whenever new people connect with our business – whether they are job seekers, employees, employers, or clients – we want them to feel inspired and motivated. We always consider and implement the best solutions for both organization and workers.

Our Vision

AQG CONNECT would like to engages with various companies and aspires to grow outside of the United Arab Emirates or other nations. As we noticed that we have a collection of CVs from a variety of fields, we want to include all levels of occupations. In order to assist and try our best to bring back failed businesses since we are familiar with the pain of failure. By doing so we also aim to build a strong and effective human resource team.

Our Team


Chief Executive Officer
He is the "Incredible Hulk" of the company, a man who has a great strenght. His degree was a BBA in Business Administration. The following six years of his career were spent in Saudi Arabia as a Purchasing Manager working in the Import-Export Business. At a young age, he made the decision to start a consulting business in order to go above and beyond and use his skills as a good salesperson, good at customer service, and good at marketing strategy. Makes him a more reliable source to clients.


Human Resource Manager
She is the "Heart and Face" of the company. She enjoys learning new things and is an optimist who takes risks. She has taken Front Office Services NCII, Human Resource Management, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, and Advance Technology courses. She has wide range of professional experiences, particularly in business process outsourcing, English tutoring, and many other areas.


HR Assistant
The HR assistant is incredibly hardworking, driven by his passion for people and the workplace. with dedication and enthusiasm, he excels in supporting the HR team's endeavors, ensuring smooth operations.


IT & Marketing Manager
He is the "Firmness of Purpose" of the company. He acquired a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. He has experience providing Senior Technical Support across many industries. He consistently performs at the top of the list because to his excellence. He is contributing to the growth of the company.


Purchasing Manager
He is the "Boisterous Charismatic" of the company. He completed his degree in Computer Applications. He excels at sales, marketing, and the import-export business. Due to his inexperience in the field, he is more inspired to advance professionally. His determination helps in his further growth.


Business Analyst
He is the "Mediator and Advisor" of the company. He completed his degree in Aircraft Engineer. He excels at aircraft. Due to his experience in the field, he is more inspired and motivated to achieve his dreams. His determination helps him to achieve his goals.